Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Weekend In Prescott

Last weekend we headed up to
Prescott for a weekend away and
to hangout with some friends!

Shae and Clare

Kelsey & Sedona and Courtney & Clare


Girls and their snacks.

Best friends.

Shae and Maddy sitting
at the bar at The Bin.

Cookies for dinner!

We went and had lunch at the Nolan's
and Maddy wasn't eating so we had her
sitting on the couch until we were done.....
music was playing and she found Christian's
sunglasses and started dancing!


Watching the dogs in the backyard.

We gave Clare a bath in the big
kitchen sink in Prescott,
her first ever bath in a sink:

Maddy wanted in too!

Matching pj's.


Sarah said...

Those ARE big sinks!! I love that Maddy had to squeeze into one!

Kelsey said...

Your pictures turned out so great I LOVE them! Mine are terribly blurry. And yes those are HUGE sinks...I bet you could even fit in with them!! Thanks for coming up, Shae still talks about "little Maddy". Too cute.

Jeff and Lisa said...

First ever bath in a sink, no way! We did that for a year with Iris - much easier on the old back. Love the two of them in there and the matching pj's.

Dom said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who takes my kid to a bar.