Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Build A Bear

For my birthday I got a Build A Bear
gift card and I just got to go use it today!!!!
My Mom and I made some new friends recently (finally)
and they came with us to play and make bears today.

I got to pick out a heart to put in my bear.

Then I got to put the heart in my bear!

Autumn and Maddy with their newly made bears!!

Thanks for the gift card Chris, Lindsay and Ethan.
Thanks for building bears with us Sarah and Autumn.


meagansouth said...

How fun! I think that's what we're doing for Sammer's next bday. A little friend of hers just went there and made a bunny and put her pacis inside it. Sammie told me that when she's bigger she's going to make a bunny to put her blankie in when she no longer needs it-ha!

Chris and Sarah said...

you really are a blogger!! Now I'm feeling bad that I don't have any current postings! As soon as I open your blog Autumn screamed "Maaaddy."