Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday Activity Day

Yesterday I had a BUSY day!!
My mom and I gave Bear a bath
because my parents think he smells...
I think he smells wonderful!
I guess my parents win, because he got a bath.
I couldn't wait for him to dry off....
I missed him so much!

Me just making sure my Mom remembers
that Bear is outside and just watching him dry.

After bear was dry and I could
concentrate on other things,
I got to play with some stickers at my picnic table.
At first I didn't like them because I
couldn't get them off my fingers, but then
I figured it out and had a pretty good time.

After that, I hopped into my
covered wagon and walked around
the corner with my Mom to visit with
Samuel and his Mom, Marisa.
We played and read books and had some snacks!
Then I was pooped and headed home for
dinner and to wait for my Daddy to get home.
That's my favorite part of the day!

Samuel and Madeleine

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