Monday, November 30, 2009

32 1/2 Weeks

Carlin made me pose for this picture
on Thanksgiving, so I thought I would blog....

Feeling pretty good, although the heartburn
is getting worse each week it seems.

I had an appointment today and
Maddy came with me, everything
is checking out great for this little gal. : )

Yesterday Greg and I went for a tour
of the hospital and found out that
Maddy will not be able to come to the
hospital at all when Clare gets here.
I am really upset about it.
We had made plans to make
the day special for Maddy, too.
We will just have to do it at home instead of there.
Not to mention it will be hard to leave
her for the 24 - 48 hours I will be in.

32 1/2 weeks pregnant with Baby Clare.

1 comment:

Jeff and Lisa said...

So sorry you will have to wait to meet your little sister Maddy. That is not fair :( If it is any consolation she will be mostly asleep anyway.

Final countdown - very exciting!

- Lisa & Iris