Tuesday, March 15, 2011

McCormick Railroad Park

Today we got to spend time with
Sarah and Autumn (and Grandma Karen)!!!
The entire drive to the railroad park Maddy
was chanting Autumn's name.
Six weeks is too long for these little girls...

Maddy and Clare

Waiting to go on the carousel.

Ready to go!

I just love watching these two together.
They are so sweet and have so much fun together.

Choo choo.

Look at that happy face!
(and that growing boy in the belly)

Sarah and I noticed her at separate times.
Busy Phillips.

Some videos of the day:

Riding the train.

Wagon rides in the park.

Goofy girls.


Katie and Trey Boblett said...

aww it looks like they had so much fun!! i cant wait to take my little guy there and I bet my dad will be excited to take him also haha

meagansouth said...

Everybody needs a bff:) Super cute.

Sarah said...

that last video is classic...We just got home so hopefully I can post my pics today....I'm curious how my busy phillips picture turned out.

Elizabeth said...

No way! I love Busy Phillips! She totally went to high school with my college roommate (Chaparral, i believe). Apparently her name is really Elizabeth. Busy is a nickname. She's so funny!

Jeff and Lisa said...

They are sooooo lucky to have each other. It is really special! And who knew Maddy was sooo strong!!