Monday, July 13, 2009

15mo Check Up

I just got back from my new Doctors office!
I really like it there and I was
having fun waiting with another little boy.
Then I went back.....
I did good the whole time until the shots came. : (
I only had to get two today which is good!
The Doctor is a little concerned that I am not talking yet.
I have not said my first word yet. Can you believe that??
My Mom told the Doctor that I know all my body parts
and about 15 animals and I listen really
good when I am told what to do (usually).
She was still concerned though.
I have to go for a hearing test sometime soon,
although I know I hear fine!
We'll keep you updated on the talking business,
but here are my stats:
I weigh 25 lbs 7 oz (84%) and
I am 31 inches tall (68%).


meagansouth said...

Glad you liked your new Dr. Don't worry too much about the talking thing---once she starts there will be no stopping!:)

Christine said...

Luke is the same way. Not one word, not even mama or dada. He points and grunts and can understand when we ask him to do something, but no talking. Our Doctor was not at all concerned at his 15 month though. I just keep telling myself that Einstein didn't talk until he was 5! There's still hope!