Saturday, December 19, 2009

Casserole Christmas Party

My Auntie M bought a new house a few
months ago and tonight she had a party to celebrate!!
We went over early and I had a yummy
dinner and some good cookies for dessert.
My cousin JD was there and we raced and
chased in the back yard and there was a
fire pit that I would blow on because my Mom
said it was hot and that is what I do when something is hot!
Lots of people thought I was super cute.....
aren't they so smart?
I had another late night, up until 8pm.
I did really good, but then it was just time to go!!

Snacking on some veggies and chips.

My family by the tree.

Running around with JD outside.

I really liked my cousin Connor.
The funny part is, when Connor was my
age he liked my Dad just as much as I like him.

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