Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Came Early

Last night after I went to bed,
Santa came to my house a few days early.
We decided a few weeks ago to have
our own mini Christmas before we went
up to Phoenix to celebrate with the family.
So when I woke up this morning,
I had all sorts of stuff waiting for me!!
The best thing was the kitchen from Gigi and Grandpa.
I actually had a hard time opening
anything else up after I saw it.....
but I got it done slowly but surely.

I got some stuff to go in my kitchen,
some crayons, coloring books,
sheets of paper in an owl book,
a puzzle and some Mickey Mouse socks!!
Clare and I even got matching pj's from our friend Ethan!!!

Before I came out.

Right after I came out,
still too frozen to touch anything!

Reaching in my stocking....

... out came some Mickey socks!!

Daddy helping me get all the food and
pots and pans out for my new kitchen.

I love my new kitchen!

Me and Mom.

My Mom and Dad had a good day, too.
My Mom got a new watch and my
Dad got a new backpack that he had been wanting.


Sarah said...

now Autumn wants a kitchen like Maddy!

meagansouth said...

Super fun and great idea to have your "own " little Christmas.