Friday, December 04, 2009

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Last night we went and picked
up our Christmas tree,
it felt like the perfect night to do it,
since it was cold and windy!
This morning I helped my Dad put
some lights up and then before dinner
we got to put the rest of the ornaments up.
I had fun, but mostly I just watched.
The tree, lights and ornaments don't really interest me.
Maybe it will grow on me in a few days.

Helping my Dad put up the lights.

Big help!

Getting ready to put the star up on top.

Me and Dad are showing Mom where the star is.

Helping my Mom put up some ornaments.

I helped my Dad a lot, and this is a
picture of me and Dad with the Nene ornament.

Dad and his U of A ornament.

Again, sorry for the awful pictures.
They are putting a rush on the repair...
maybe because I made it sound like
Clare was coming a bit earlier then she really is....
I really want my good camera back!!!


meagansouth said...

Looks like fun, even if she did mostly just watch!

Sarah said... even have beach theme on your tree??!?