Friday, December 18, 2009

A Visit With Santa Then a Picnic

Today Santa came to visit the library,
so I showed up to see the big guy!
It didn't go as planned....

Cute outfit for Santa.

Being shy behind my Mom when I saw Milo.

Autumn and I playing before the Christmas stories got started.

Then there was a knock at the door
and the big guy that says "Ho, ho, ho!" came in.
Its a good thing I was in the corner playing
with the ornaments on the tree,
because I just stayed there.
I would have stayed in the corner the entire
time he was there, but my Mom dragged me out....

Not having it!

Get me down from here!

Another attempt with my Mom, still didn't go well.
I really didn't appreciate all the laughing my Mom was doing.
So rude!

The four kids from my story time.
Ivan, me, Autumn and Milo
(he liked him even less than I did!)

After that, we went out to the park to play

and have a picnic lunch with Autumn and her Mom.
Autumn and I were not really interested
in lunch or listening, to say the least....

Running around outside.

It looks like I am in jail, that's where my
Mom said I should have been today.
I guess I wasn't on my behavior....


Kelsey said...

Ha ha ha! You need to teach Maddy to read so she can utilize the "Emergency Exit Only" sign behind her! Too funny!

Sarah said...

sorry your pictures are so blurry