Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Best Friends At The Zoo

This morning I went to the zoo with
my Mom, Autumn and her mom, Sarah.
We ran around like a couple of crazy kids,
played with the frog water sprayer and
then we were both pooped after that!!
I think we'll both take good naps
before story time today.

On the way out we ran into our buddy Samuel.
He was just getting there and we were done!

Where is that elephant?

Playing with the water.

I was getting Autumn wet and
she didn't like it...
and wasn't afraid to tell me!


Christine said...

We went to the zoo this morning too! It is such a nice day for it!

Chris and Sarah said...

I love it! The girls are too cute together.

meagansouth said...

It's good to have a bff!