Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rainbow Smile

Today I took a late nap because my
buddy Samuel came over to play,
so we were in a hurry to get to story time...
my Mom and I got to go to McDonald's for lunch.
I love me a cheeseburger!
I got a happy meal with a cool Barbie
book that has straps like a purse.
I like it a lot, so I think I am going
make it my official sticker book!!

I am supposed to be holding up the
book to show with a smile,
but I am just smiling... and what a cute smile it is!

My Mom thinks I have rainbow eye's like my Uncle.
That's all she sees in this picture.
What you guys think?


Sarah said...

aww I'm glad we're missed. Autumn totally thought we were going to babytime! But we'll be there tomorrow for sure.

meagansouth said...

Super cute-and she does have little rainbow eyes! So sweet.

mallory757 said...

i see his rainbow eyes alot in her